S.U.M.U Chapter 18 A Little Courage

Jessica, who took off her sunglasses, looking a little embarrassed, making her looked like a perfect girlfriend who just covered for her friend. Of course, her attitude was due to Dio, whom she thought was just a jerk who exploited Jenny’s feelings for him. Based on what she just said, clearly, she’s not here because … Continue reading S.U.M.U Chapter 18 A Little Courage

C.L.S Chapter 196 Coercing

After saying his goodbyes, Yi Tianyun quickly returned to the bamboo forest, where he told Ren Zhirou to wait earlier. When he arrived at the small pond, he was a little bit surprised to find 2 unconscious muscular men by the pond. He immediately asked Ren Zhirou for what was going on here. She just … Continue reading C.L.S Chapter 196 Coercing

S.U.M.U Chapter 17 A Sheep of Good Fertility

"It's over!" "What's over?" Dio looked strangely at the disappointing Will, a second ago he was as cheerful as a kid getting a toy for his birthday present, but now suddenly he’s so depressed. "My proof of manliness is gone." "Huh?" Dio subconsciously glanced at Will’s crotch, thinking that Will’s genitalia somehow disappeared. "Oh, fuck! … Continue reading S.U.M.U Chapter 17 A Sheep of Good Fertility